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Legal terms and conditions and privacy policy

The future is global, be part of Global Exchange

Services offered are provided according to these terms and conditions, which set out our responsibilities as a provider and your rights and responsibilities as a customer, as well as detailed information about the currency exchange activity online.

This website is operated by Eurodivisas, S.A., a company registered in Plaza de España 3, Fuentes de Oñoro, 37480 Salamanca, Spain, C.I.F. A-37310323. This company is registered in the Register of Foreign Exchange and/or Money Transfer Companies of the Central Bank of Spain with number 1702 and at the Mercantile Register of Salamanca, sheet 64, company book 145, Page SA-4751, 1st Registration.

Eurodivisas, S.A. is the parent company and major shareholder of a group of subsidiary companies, also authorised to provide currency exchange services by the local authorities in each country where they operate. Eurodivisas, S.A., and its subsidiaries constitute the Global Exchange Group.

Eurodivisas, S.A. has registered its web domain www.globalexchange.es in the Mercantile Register of Salamanca, Spain and operates under the registered trademark Global Exchange.

Terms of use of the websites of Eurodivisas (hereinafter referred to as Global Exchange) are included in the Privacy Policy.



Any person visiting the websites of Global Exchange shall be considered a user. As a user, you indicate that you accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and that you agree to abide by them, you also accept all applicable laws, rules and regulations in force. If you wish to use any of our Services, separate terms and conditions may apply.


In order to carry out some of the activities offered by the websites of Global Exchange, including but not limited to foreign exchange transactions, purchase of prepaid cards, job applications and membership of the loyalty programme, you may be required to complete registration forms and to agree these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the Security Policy, Privacy and Protection of Personal Data, therefore becoming a registered user.

The user receives the forms freely and voluntarily so it is assumed that the information provided to us is true and accurate in all respects.

The registered user engages to make diligent use of their username and password, not disclosing this information to third parties (if applicable) and to inform Global Exchange, without delay, of any loss, theft or any risk of access to them by a third party.


The user who conducts a foreign exchange transaction and after that decides to register, will have an online account with information about transactions. Also, the user will enjoy more favourable conditions when ordering any of the products offered by Global Exchange.

The registered user is obliged to keep their personal data updated, notifying to Global Exchange any change that may arise.


Global Exchange offers a delivery service for travel money as well as the possibility to order the currency to collect and pay it at our branches (order for in-store collection).


Home delivery is an exclusive service for residents in Spain aged 18 or over. These customers enjoy a preferential exchange rate compared to the exchange rate at our branches. Orders can be delivered to the address provided by the customer, as long as it is within peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands. The delivery must be received by the person who placed the order, providing identification with a valid ID.

In-store collection orders mean that you will pick up and pay your purchase at one of our branches (located at an Spanish airport or in the city centre of Salamanca). Online orders will enjoy a preferential exchange rate compared to the exchange rate of any of our branches.


Home delivery may be requested by phone, through the toll-free customer service 900 855 550 or by our website: www.globalexchange.es.

In any case, the customer must be resident in Spain and must provide with a valid ID, as well as an email address and telephone number to enable Global Exchange to contact the user and duly deliver the order.

Orders placed by the website may be made in Spanish or English.

Orders are subject to a maximum value of €5,90 per person per calendar quarter. This limit applies to purchases made both at branches, by telephone or by website. This amount may be amended at any time, but will not affect orders in process.

Only common currencies remain in physical stock, so orders are subject to availability. The website will inform about availability of each currency (“in stock” or “requested”) and the estimated delivery time according to availability.


When placing an order for home delivery, you will be informed by telephone or online about the exchange rate (price) applied to your purchase as well as any other extra fee incurred, especially shipping costs (up to €5 and free for orders over €500).

Please remember that your credit or debit card issuer may apply charges. We do not charge any extra fee for using credit card or debit card when purchasing any of our products.

When placing an order for in-store collection, you will be informed by telephone or online about the exchange rate (price) applied to your purchase as well as any other extra fee incurred. The rest of the amount will be paid at the branch in the date of collection.

Products different from travel money, such as travel insurance, theft insurance or other products for in-store collection will be paid online.

We do not charge any extra fee for placing an order online. You will only pay for the shipping costs, if applicable.

Please consider that exchange rates quoted by the European Central Bank are only applied to their own transactions and those carried out by other Central Banks of the European system. Other operators (banks and currency exchange companies) are not subject to exchange rates quoted by the ECB, and they are allowed to apply margins or fees. Global Exchange only applies a margin that may vary depending on the currency and the amount (larger purchases have better rates for the customer).


Home delivery orders may use the following payment methods:

  • By card:

    We accept payments made with VISA, Verified by Visa, MasterCard and MasterCard SecureCode. Issuer bank must be a Spanish bank.

    Only cards whose holder is a natural person are accepted in payments.
  • Cash on delivery:

    The Customer will pay the whole amount in cash at the moment of delivery in the agreed address.
  • By bank transfer:

    When the order is confirmed, you will be provided with an account number in Sabadell Bank to make the transfer. Also, in the confirmation by email the bank account number will be sent again. Amount must be paid in full. The payment will not proceed until the payment is done.

    Global Exchange reserves the right to cancel any order not paid within 10 days since the date of order.
  • By direct bank transfer (Trustly):

    The user will be connected through a secure connection to its online bank through the platform Trustly. The user will use a username and password and will action the transfer in real time.

If you are ordering for in-store collection, you will pay the outstanding amount due at the branch at the agreed time of collection (the time you specified in the ordering process). 

Additional products such as travel insurance, theft insurance or other products in-store collection will be paid online.


Once you have placed an order for home delivery or in-store collection and after we have accepted it, you will receive an email of confirmation, with details of the transaction specifying: price, cost, method of payment, delivery address and estimated time of delivery, or day and time range for collection.

If the order is not accepted no liability will arise for the user.

In home delivery orders, if the method of payment is cash on delivery, the order will be delivered in the agreed time, the user paying the agreed price.


For home delivery, the order will be delivered to the address requested by the customer by a delivery company within 48-72 hours. For in-store collection orders the order will be made in the branch you choose when placing the order.

The order will be delivered only to the person who carried it out, therefore, identification is required.

Should you receive the order at the delivery address with the wrapping in poor conditions, you must not sign the receipt and must communicate this incident to Global Exchange within 24 hours by calling to our toll free customer service number on the 900 855 550.

If as a result of a mistake by Global Exchange the value of the currency received is more that the amount ordered, this must be reported immediately to the company through its toll-free customer service number on the 900 855 550 to arrange a collection.

On the contrary, if the value of the currency received is less than requested, the user must also communicate this immediately to Global Exchange. If after the appropriate verification and traceability processes through videotaping the company determines that indeed there was an error when preparing the order, we will proceed to reimburse the currency missing.


Global Exchange ensures that the currency provided is top quality and corresponds to the currency in force in the issuing country.

Global Exchange will set adequate control and traceability measures to ensure that the money order arrives correctly to the final customer with excellent guarantees. In the event of complaint, Global Exchange will offer to the Customer appropriate evidence for verification within 15 days since the delivery date, according to the return policy set out by the company.


1.- Cancellations:

You may cancel a home delivery order if it has not been despatched yet. It will be considered as despatched since moment the order leaves the distribution centre. For in-store collection orders, you can cancel your order before the agreed date of collection at the branch. The user will not be charged any amount in any case.

To cancel an online order, please contact as soon as possible the Customer Service of Global Exchange, on the freephone number 900 855 550, and provide with your order number.

The refund of a cancelled order that has already been paid will be made by the same means by which the payment was made: by card, by bank transfer or by Trustly bank transfer.

In any case, Global Exchange will deem the order as cancelled when:

  • Home Delivery: if the user is not at home at the time of delivery and the courier agent has made a second delivery attempt unsuccessfully, the order will be available for collection at a nearby Correos Office for a maximum of 15 days. Global Exchange will contact the customer to arrange collection and may decide to shorten this period at its discretion.
  • In-store collection: if the user does not appear at the agreed branch on the agreed date, the user will have a further extended period of 15 days to collect it. After this extended time the order will be cancelled.

2.- Policy for Reimbursement:

Once the order is received in the delivery address, the customer will have 15 calendar days to return the order. Banknotes accepted for return will be exactly the same banknotes that were delivered, identified by their serial numbers. To do this, you must contact our Customer Service on our freephone 900 855 550, and provide with the original order number.

Additionally, the customer must complete a return form which will include the serial numbers of each banknote. Global Exchange will send a courier service to take the order back from the customer’s home.

After checking that the serial numbers of the banknotes match with those recorded by our cameras, Global Exchange will reimburse the amount paid by the customer. The user will only pay for the direct costs derived from the return of the banknotes, up to €5.95.

The refund of the amount paid, net of cancellation costs will be made by the same method of payment: card, bank transfer (for cash-on delivery orders), by traditional bank transfer (you will be asked to provide a bank account to make the payment) and it will be actioned once that the content of the returned order is verified, or via Trustly in case of direct bank transfer.

This return policy is an additional benefit, not required by law, offered by Global Exchange to its customers in the framework of our policy of excellence in service. According to dispositions of Act 22/2007 of the 11th July on distance service of financial services, there is no right to withdraw in foreign exchange transactions.


Global Exchange, in accordance with dispositions applicable to its activity informs to all the users that:

  1. Global Exchange has a Customer Service Department to attend all the claims, complaints and questions of the users. This service can be reached by:
    1. Post: Eurodivisas, S.A.; To: Customer Service Department, Calle Primera nº17, Polígono Industrial Montalvo III, Carbajosa de la Sagrada, CP 37188, Salamanca, Spain.
    2. Email: atencioncliente@grupoglobalexchange.com.
    The Customer Service Department engages to give a response to complaints within two months.
  2. 2. If after contacting the Customer Service Department of the Global Exchange Group the customer is still unsatisfied with the response, the customer can address to the Ombudsman of Banking Services, at the Central Bank of Spain. This service can be reached to make complains about any action taken by Global Exchange that may be failing to comply with the law. This service can be reached by:
    1. Post: Bank of Spain, Servicio de Reclamaciones, Calle Alcalá nº50, CP 28014, Madrid, Spain.
    2. Online: Bank of Spain.
  3. Global Exchange is subject to compliance with the rules of transparency and customer protection in Circular No. 6/2001, dated 29th October, from the Bank of Spain, for Foreign Exchange Companies Holders, Order ECO/734/2004 of 11th March, about the departments of customer service and ombudsman of financial institutions, Circular No. 2/2005 of 25th February, from the Bank of Spain, on computer files with personal data managed by the Central Bank of Spain, Circular 3/2009 of 18th December, of the Central Bank of Spain, for Foreign Exchange Companies Holders, amending Circular 6/2001, dated 29th October, for Foreign Exchange Companies Holders and Order ECC/2502/2012, of 16th November, approving the procedure for filing claims against services regulated by the Central Bank of Spain, the Spanish Securities Market Commission and the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds.



In accordance with Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data, any customer data provided to us voluntarily following the ordering of products and services through any channel are considered as mandatory, and will become part of a file managed by Global Exchange, which will be used for the proper setting out and execution of the contractual relationship.

These data are subject to the provisions of Law 10/2010 of 28th April, on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, as Global Exchange has the condition of relevant person.

In compliance with current regulations, Global Exchange has taken technical and organisational measures to maintain the level of security required to personal data processed measures. It is also equipped with appropriate mechanisms at its disposal to prevent, as far as possible, unauthorised access.


In order to process any purchase and in accordance with article 15 of the Development Regulation LOPD, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21st December, the user is entitled to express its refusal to the treatment or communication of personal data for commercial purposes.

In the event that you agree to receive commercial information, your personal data will be included in a commercial file owned by Global Exchange and may be used to keep you informed of promotional activities and new products by Global Exchange. You may be sent by email or post commercial information on news, offers, promotions and new products from Global Exchange as well as products or services of our own or from third parties related to food and beverage, finance, retailing, sports, travel, insurance, NGOs, real estate, weather, distance selling, clothing, health, entertainment, IT and telecommunications.

Moreover, you accept that your personal details can be transferred to any of the companies of the Global Exchange Group for commercial purposes.

You are entitled to access this business file to modify and cancel your data at any moment by email to the following email address: lopd@eurodivisas.com with the subject “ARCO Eurodivisas” or by post addressed to Eurodivisas, Calle Primera nº 17, Polígono Industrial Montalvo III, Carbajosa de la Sagrada, C.P. 37188, Salamanca, Spain, adjusting to the expected legal content.


In the event that the user provides to Global Exchange personal data of third parties, either for hiring, management, development and implementation of any product or service, it will be assumed that the user has previously asked and obtained the necessary consent from each of the persons to whom the data relate, so that they can be incorporated into the files of Global Exchange where appropriate, and treated correspondingly, becoming therefore fully responsible for any consequences arising from the absence of such consent.


1.- What are the cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded in your computer when you visit a website. Cookies allow websites to store and collect information on the navigation habits of a user or a computer. Depending on the information collected and the way to use the computer, these cookies can be used to recognise a user. The browser of the user stores cookies at the hard drive and they are deleted when the user logs off. Cookies are very small and they do not cause any harm on the computer. Cookies do not contain personal specific information and most of them are automatically deleted when you close your browser (session cookies).

Most browsers accept cookies as standard and depending on the type of cookies they are, they grant or deny stored or temporary cookies in the security settings.

2.- Our cookies.

On our website we use technical cookies. These cookies allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or application and use of different options or services included on it, for example: to control traffic and data communication, to identify the session, to access restricted areas, to recover the items in an order, to conduct a purchase process, to submit an application for registration or participation in an event, to use security features while surfing, store content for video or sound streaming or share content via social networks.

Additionally, our website uses the following cookies from third parties:

  • SnapEngage Interactive Chat: This application is used so you can chat with us during a session to ask us about our services during the operational hours or you can us leave an email with your query when our customer service team is not operating. Conversations conducted by chat or by email are tabulated for further consultation if necessary, in order to improve our services: home delivery or in-store collection.
    More information: http://snapengage.com/
  • Advertising cookies of the affiliate marketing network Zanox (provider company Zanox AG): This network is made of thousands of websites which can choose to show ads of Global Exchange to promote our services. If a user clicks on one of these ads and places an order at our site during the same session or a few days later from the same device without having deleted the cookies, Global Exchange will be able to identify the order received as from that original website, being able to compensate the Zanox affiliate website on a commission basis.
    More information: http://www.zanox.com/
  • Double click marketing cookies (provider company Google Inc.): This network is made of thousands of websites which are a support for Google to show Global Exchange ads based on context criteria (a search carried out by a user in a browser and in a visited website). These cookies are used to measure if a purchase made on the website of Global Exchange has its origin in an ad by Google network. This can only be identified if the purchase is made from the same device where the original ad was displayed and cookies have not been deleted.
    More information: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/2839090?hl=en
  • Google Analytics Analysis cookies (provider company Google Inc.): These are the cookies we use to know the behaviour of our visitors within our website, measuring number of visits, pages visited, origin from the visit, time spent there, etc. This type of cookies does not identify the user in any way.
    More information: http://www.google.es/intl/en/policies/technologies/types/
  • Cookies for customisation of user interface: Those cookies used to keep the latest amount entered in the currency exchange widget by the user in a computer. If after closing a session in our website an internet browser is open again, our website is searched and the cookies have not been deleted, the latest exchange previously requested can be displayed.

By visiting this website the user expressly agrees to the use of information collected within the terms previously expressed.

3.- Cookies management.

Any user can delete cookies installed in a device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) from the setting options in the device. Cookies can also be disabled, but in this case the foreign exchange website will not work properly since currency exchange application needs cookies to keep a price during a purchase process.


These legal conditions shall be interpreted and executed according to the Spanish law.

Any controversy arising from the interpretation and execution is subject to the jurisdiction of Spanish courts corresponding to the city of the user. In addition to this, this company is a member of Confianza Online association. According to the Ethic Code of this association, any controversy regarding online purchases and advertising, data protection, children online protection and accessibility, the customer can address to the out-of-court dispute resolution services by Confianza Online (www.confianzaonline.es).


Global Exchange reserves the right to amend these Legal Terms at any time at its discretion. Please check these conditions before placing any order.

At Global Exchange Group we specialise in currency exchange services:

  • Over 310 branches in 21 countries
  • More than 2,500 employees
  • Over 7 million Customers every year
  • 15,000 transactions per day
  • Service 24/7